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  • Dramatically enhances shelf life and appearance for up to 9 days
  • For use with all white root vegetables from potatoes to parsnips
  • Prevents discolouration, maintaining taste & texture
  • Tailored & low so2 formulations for clean label packaging
  • Excellent antibacterial properties
  • Ideal for automatic dosing systems, flume washers, barrel washers etc.
  • Safe, versatile & easy to use with results guaranteed
  • Available from 3kg – 25kg – 1250kg pack sizes

Highly effective formulation for dramatically extending the shelf of white root vegetables including potatoes, parsnips and mushrooms, a versatile liquid ideal for use with automatic dosing systems and applications where powders are not suitable – flume washers, barrel washers and spray bars etc.

Ideal for use with prepared potatoes, parsnips and mushrooms for which SP1 will give outstanding results, increasing shelf life by up to 9 days!

A low so2 formulation (SP1 Superlow) is available for applications that demand low residue levels where no declaration on packaging is required.

Our liquid formulation (SPR2 Liquid) is designed for applications where dosing can be a problem and is ideal for use with automatic dosers and washing systems systems such as flume washers, hydrocoolers and barrel washers.

SP1 & SP1 Superlow are available in 3kg or 25kg containers, SPR2 Liquid is available in 25kg drums or as a 1250kg IBC