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  • Kills harmful bacteria, including E coli, Salmonella & Listeria, with proven results
  • Economical & versatile for use with any fresh produce including organic
  • Helps to achieve maximum shelf life for less rejections
  • Breaks down & removes pesticide residues
  • Quick, simple & safe, protect your customers and your business
  • Contains only the finest quality approved natural ingredients
  • Available as 0.5kg – 5kg – 25kg – 1250kg pack sizes
  • Tailor Made solutions also available to suit any application or budget

OW1 Produce Wash is the ultimate antibacterial decontaminant wash for use with fresh salad, vegetable and fruit products removing harmful bacteria, fertiliser and pesticide residues, also suitable for organic as well as conventional produce.

An invaluable tool for processors restaurants and caterers. As stipulated by the Food Standards Agency; washing with water alone is not sufficient to remove bacteria and pesticides, which are engineered to withstand rainwater.

100% chlorine free, OW1 leaves no harmful residues and is effective even at extremely low concentrations. There is also no need for declarations on packaging as OW1 is classed as a processing aid.

Tough on bacteria, gentle on your valuable produce OW1 will leave it tasting fresh, crisp and delicious.