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  • Excellent for sliced apples and other fruit and vegetable products
  • Dramatically extends shelf life maintaining crispness taste and colour
  • Made using only the finest quality approved 100% natural ingredients
  • Non GM and allergen free, contains no sulphites
  • Economical, versatile and simple to use
  • Also suitable for use with organic produce
  • Available in 25kg packs sizes
  • Tailor Made solutions available to suit any application or budget




Fresh cut fruit and vegetables have never looked and tasted so good with OP3 Professional. A highly concentrated shelf life extender suitable for a wide range of produce from cut apples to potatoes, OP3 can be used on organic produce too.

A highly concentrated blend of natural organic acids in a versatile powder formulation, OP3 is the ideal treatment for fresh cut vegetables and processed and peeled fruits such as apples, helping to extend shelf life by up to 7 days.

OP3 contains no sulphites, only the finest approved natural ingredients to help produce stay looking and tasting its best with no need to pack in syrups and juices.

Also suitable for use on peeled potato products required to be free from sulphites and for use with organic produce.