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  • Excellent results with processed carrots and other fresh cut fruit and vegetable products
  • Dramatically increases shelf life of treated produce, also suitable for use with organics
  • Keeps produce fresh and crisp enhancing colour and texture
  • Prevents dehydration, rehydrates, treats and prevents carrot silvering
  • Quick, simple & effective liquid formulation, suitable for automatic dosing systems
  • Contains only the finest approved natural ingredients, non gm & allergen free
  • Available as 25kg – 1250kg pack sizes
  • Tailor made solutions available to suit any application or budget

Stop the rot with OP1 Stayfresh for fresh cut fruit and vegetables, a naturally derived liquid shelf life extender that can help keep your valuable produce looking and tasting great. Can be used with organics.

OP1 is a processing aid, the perfect preparation for processed carrots and fresh cut vegetables, including brassica and celeriac.

Containing only the finest quality natural ingredients, OP1 is suitable for use with both conventional and organic produce.

The advanced liquid formulation will dramatically increase shelf life and is ideal for use with automatic dosing systems, barrel washers & hydrocoolers, where dosing can be a problem.

Produce retains taste, texture and colour – no need to inject packaging with water.